Recently we were awarded an Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund Grant, which we are honoured to have received. This grant recognises Fetched as an innovative business with a market-ready idea, the commercialisation of which will contribute the following to Queensland:

  • – Generation of jobs today and in the future
  • – Enhancing innovation and skilled job opportunities across regional Queensland
  • – Helping Queensland business compete in global markets
  • – Growing Queensland’s reputation

So what exactly does innovation mean to the team at Fetched, and what does that mean for you? Here’s our thoughts.

What does innovation mean to us?

Innovation is what brought Fetched to be here today, and innovation is what keeps us going.

Founders Colin McEown and Chris Coppin have spent the bulk of their careers working in tech, which at its core is about innovation—from IT and ATMs to digital and print. Colin launched one of the first website design builders (pre wordpress), and also co-founded a successful database management platform. So you could say it was in their blood.

And it all started with a problem. And then an idea.

“Where’s the d*rn drinks cart when you need it?”

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could have an icy cold beverage delivered right to us, right now, while we are playing golf?”

“…So what if we could? Well why not?

And so the founders made it happen.

Founders Chris Coppin and Colin McEown

Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Fetched. We foster in our staff a passion for innovation. We encourage and reward creativity and bringing new ideas to the table and we are continually looking for ways to improve—whether it’s our technology, our processes, or our service to our customers.

It’s all about the customers

Fetched is designed to help golf clubs differentiate themselves, optimise operations and increase profits in a challenging market. The game of golf has been in the rough for the best part of a decade with declining participation, course closures and over half of Australian clubs reporting financial duress. Support from Ignite Ideas has enabled us to develop the Fetched technology with the aim to reinvigorate the industry with a low-cost solution.

And the Fetched app wouldn’t be what it is today without the help of our customers—both golf clubs and players. We take a customer-centric approach to innovation, developing features and building out parts of the app based on customer feedback.

We actively seek feedback and communicate closely with our users to understand their needs—because they are the ones who are using it on a daily basis—and we tailor our solution accordingly.

Most recently, we have released a comprehensive back end admin management platform that allows clubs to have complete control over their app. Now, they can:

  • – Add, remove and edit menu items and pricing
  • – Update menu items immediately if stock runs out
  • – Develop and edit the service schedule for opening hours, delivery times and methods (e.g. deliver on course or at the driving range vs. pick up from the clubhouse)
  • – View a complete history of orders

What next?

There are a lot of features and functionality that are being developed as we speak, a number of key features in the pipeline and a whole lot of great ideas that we can’t wait to get started on.

With the app already in a number of clubs throughout Australia, Fetched is currently pushing into the US golf market. Stay tuned.

Congratulations to all of the other grant winners and here’s to continuing to push the boundaries of innovation!