The Fetched App is developed in collaboration with golf managers and golfers, and it wouldn’t be where it is today without all the awesome players who use it and give us feedback. 

And it turns out ladies who golf love the Fetched App. We recently landed an interview with the very first female golfer to try out the Fetched App – Catherine Hammond – a keen golfer and Brisbane Golf Club member of 17 years.

Here’s what she had to say:


Q: How did you start playing golf?

A: I had to find a sport that was easier on the knees after playing squash from about 11-35. It was my father who was into golf and suggested I give it a go, advising that the skills of squash would be translatable to golf.  I played a couple of times, and the rest is history.


Q: How often do you play golf?

A: I play every Saturday at The Brisbane Golf Club and sometimes in competitions on Sundays. The Brisbane Golf Club is a wonderful club, the people are so friendly and the course is great to play on.


Q: Describe your first experience with the Fetched App:

A: As I am on the Committee, I was actually involved in the decision to bring Fetched into The Brisbane Golf Club, so I knew all about it when it launched. I was playing with four golf ladies in my group and we were very excited to use the App on the launch day. As I had downloaded the app already I ordered for them – a couple of coffees, and a couple of beers.


Q: How fast was delivery?

A: It was very quick! I placed the order on the 16th and it was delivered by the 17th and the coffees were nice and hot. Perfect for a cold day.


Q: Describe Fetched in one word:

A: Innovative.

Fetched is a great idea, because there’s always issues with pace of play when people drop in after the 9th at the Halfway House or go upstairs for a coffee or a drink. Fetched is an effective and convenient way to speed up play and stop people waiting for coffees.


Q: Would you use the Fetched App again?

A: Oh definitely!


Q: Would you recommend Fetched to others?

A: I’ve started spreading the word already!


Club Managers: want to learn more about how Fetched can work for your club? Register your interest or download the app.