Any new product, whether it’s an app, appliance, food or finance should be tested out on different groups of people prior to release –  to observe how they respond, to get their feedback, and to ultimately determine if the product is sellable.  In the beta testing stage of the Fetched app, we spoke to females, males, members, non members, the young and the young at heart, golfers and even non-golfers.  We even tested Fetched out on high profile national sporting teams, because why not?

Fetched partnered with the prestigious and innovative The Brisbane Golf Club to develop the app and run trials with their players. These included a number of guys from the AFL’s Brisbane Lions, Rugby’s Queensland Reds and the Australian Cricket Team. And Fetched got a giant tick of approval from all!


AFL’s Brisbane Lions

Michael Close, Christopher Coppin (Fetched Co-Founder), and Rohan Bewick.

L-R: Michael Close, Christopher Coppin (Fetched Co-Founder) and Rohan Bewick.


Super Rugby’s Queensland Reds

Queensland Reds Andrew Ready, Nick Frisby and Lachlan Maranta with Fetched on the Fairway

L-R: Reece McRae (The Brisbane Golf Club), Andrew Ready, Nick Frisby, Christopher Coppin (Fetched Co-Founder) and Lachlan Maranta.


Australian Cricket Team

Australian Cricketers Usman Khawaja, Matt Renshaw and Jason Floros try out Fetched on the Fairway golfing app

L-R: Usman Khawaja, Reece McRae (The Brisbane Golf Club), Matt Renshaw, Christopher Coppin (Fetched Co-Founder) and Jason Floris.

Other members who tested the app were thrilled by the idea of having food, drinks and golf gear available to them on course, taking to the idea like a fish to water (or in this case, like a golfer to the green) and ordering all manner of the tasty treats from The Brisbane Golf Club menu including pulled pork baguettes, ham and cheese focaccias, coffees as well as some cheeky beverages.

Download the Fetched App and try it out for yourself.

The Brisbane Golf Club Members – Sean and Lachlan

Australian Cricketers Usman Khawaja, Matt Renshaw and Jason Floros try out Fetched on the Fairway golfing app

Geoffrey Kuehner, General Manager of The Brisbane Golf Club, spearheaded the introduction of the app and says that in addition to helping increase food and beverage revenue, the benefits to the club are many:

“It reduces that wasted time of a drinks cart driving aimlessly around the course seeking custom. Fetched goes straight to the golfer who placed the order. And because the food order is prepared on the spot, it is fresh.”


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