Who wouldn’t like to play a better game of golf? And with the advent of smartphones that are rarely out of our sight let alone our pockets, we now have the tools available to do so. Golf Apps ranging from GPS and rangefinders to digital scorecards, coaches and rule-books, all you could ever need is at the tip of your golf-gloved fingers.

But where to start?

With all of the Golf Apps out there in the market, there is also a lot of cr@pApps, and there is absolutely nothing worse than pulling out your phone only discover your course is not in the system or the GPS is shoddy.. We’ve kindly done the hard yards for you, and put together a list of 10 of the best golf apps for iPhone and Android (sorry windows) that you need to improve your game this year.


1.Hole19 – GPS and golf community


Image of Hole19 Golf App for Apple Watch, iOS and Android - No.1 on the Fetched list of top 10 Apps for 2017


When sizing up a hole there are many things to consider; which club to choose, distance, elevation, wind speed and more. We love Hole19 for its ability to accurately measure the yardage from your exact GPS location to the hole, helping you to make an informed decisions about which club to use next. Offering GPS distances for 40,000+ courses worldwide, as well as digital scorecards, course discovery features and maintaining a community of over 1 million like-minded Golfers, with Hole19 you will never golf alone again.

“Hole19 is a golfer’s best friend. It tells you where every shot you’ve struck has gone, calculates yardages to greens and flags, tracks all your scores and provides data to improve your game.”  MailOnline

Available on: iOS, Android, Apple Watch,
Cost: Free with in-app purchases

2. Golflogix

Currently rated No. 1 free golf App and surpassing 4 million downloads, it’s easy to see why Golflogix is a crowd favourite. Featuring an easy-to-use interface and GPS rangefinder with awesome aerial flyovers of over 35,000 courses, a yardage book with colour 3D images of the course, handicap tracking and a digital scorecard that looks exactly like a paper one, you will feel right at home with Golflogix.

Available on: iOSAndroid, Apple Watch
Cost: Free, with in-app purchases from $5.99


3. Golf GPS & Scorecard by Swing by Swing

Similar in functionality to Golflogix, the digital scorecard of Golf GPS & Scorecard is one of the best. The scorecard automatically advances from hole to hole and tracks your score and putts for free online so that you can watch your progress over time.

This App also lays claim to a GPS rangefinder that works on every course in the world. Accurate, reliable and battery efficient, you can find the distance to the center of the green and to any obstacles via satellite image touch-point search. You can also book tee times for free with via TeeOff by PGA Tour.

Want more? In-app purchases give access to real-time wind speed, elevation, and ‘plays like’ distances calculations.

Available on: iOS, Android, Apple Watch
Free with in-App purchases


4. Golf Handicap Tracker & Calculator

Keen to know your handicap and keep an eye on you mates’ handicaps but don’t need all the bells and whistles? Then this App is for you. The only App on the market supporting US, Canadian and Australian rules, Golf Handicap Tracker & Calculator is simple and intuitive, allowing you to manually input course rating/slope or download from the course database.

If you are after an official USGA handicap for tournaments, and something more sophisticated, then The Grint is worth a mention. The first app to offer an on-the-spot handicap licensed by the USGA, The Grint also has a user-friendly GPS rangefinder interface with over 37,000 courses listed worldwide, Google Maps flyover, live scoring and performance stats, and the ability to book tee times

Available on: iOS, Android, Apple watch


5. Nike+Training – Your personal trainer



There are loads of personal training apps out there, and a few even tailored to golf, but the sleek Nike+training App makes it into our top 10 for its free workout videos and personalised training plans.  Workouts come with expert guidance from Nike Master Trainers and Athletes including Serena Williams, Kevin Hart and Pro Golfer Rory McIlroy.

We’re not saying bulking up is the answer, but a bit of lean muscle and toning will surely help you go the distance.

Available on: iOS, Android


6. Visualax Golf – Sports psychologist in your pocket

Going the distance in golf isn’t just about being physically strong, you need to be mentally strong too. In fact, some say golf is almost 90% mental. An oldie but a goodie, the Visualax Golf App combines playing tips with visualisation, relaxation and techniques for blocking out distractions. It even has an anger management feature which may come in handy for those with a quick temper. Designed for the weekend golfer who has a love/hate relationship with the game, Visualax Golf will help you keep your head in the game, and is cheaper than a sports psychologist.

[Tweet ““Golf is 90% mental. Once you know how to hold the club, swing it, it’s all in the mind” Dan Jenkins “]

Available on: iOS,
Cost: Free (for a limited time) and premium versions from $19.99/year


7. V1 Golf –  Swing analysis

Practice makes perfect and a lesson with a Pro can be invaluable to your swing.  What if you could make practice really count by having a pro alongside you every time for just a fraction of the cost? Swing analysers like V1 Golf record video footage of your swing for analysis and compare it side by side to swings of tour Pros like Karrie Webb, Rory McIlroy and Darren Clarke. With video trim and slow-mo playback options and game improvement drills, your swing is sure to strengthen.

8. The SkyPro Swing Trainer takes swing analysis a step further with a device that you clip onto your club that reveals thousands of critical data points about your swing path, club head speed, swing plane, and swing faults so that you can fix them. One for the more serious players, the Skygolf SkyPro Swing Analyzer retails for around $169.95 (but the companion App is free).

Available on: iOS, Android
Cost: $7.99


8. Golf Coach by Dr Noel Rousseau

If you’re looking for a coaching App that is a little more holistic, you can’t go past Golf Coach by Dr Noel Rousseau (formerly known as Everyday Golf Coach).  This App boasts the best coaching instruction in the form of 38 detailed video tutorials from PGA professional Dr Noel Rousseau, covering both major swing and short game principles from tee shots to sloping lines, shots from the rough and swing instruction and analysis. Coach yourself to a better game with Everyday Golf Coach.

Available on: iOS, Android
Cost: $10.99


9. The Rules of Golf

If you or someone you play with is a stickler for the rules, then this app from the official body for golf will be your go-to. The Official Rules of Golf is a free app that will diffuse any arguments and keep the game (as) friendly (as possible).

Available on: iOS, Android
Cost: Free


10. Social Media Apps

Image of mobile home screen with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter apps. Social media - no.10 on fetched list of top 10 golf apps


Not technically Golf Apps, social media Apps like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Insta sneak their way into this list as 10. Although we can’t guarantee these apps will directly impact on your playing ability, they make it onto the list of top golf apps because they can be a great source of inspiration and motivation.

Following your favourite golfers can not only inspire you to get out there, but you also might pick up some handy tips and tricks. However, having top golfers’ perfect swings in your face can also have the adverse effect if you’re not having a great day on the green. You’ve been warned.

Watching how-to videos can be just the motivation you need to perfect your swing. Even better, post your own videos to track your progress and wins (or let others have a laugh at your #golffails).

Available on: everything
Cost: Free

10a. Fetched on the Fairway

Fetched on the Fairway - food ordering and delivery app for golf courses - no 10a on Fetched list of top 10 golf apps 2017

We couldn’t write a list of the best golf Apps without mentioning Fetched on the Fairway, coming in at 10a. But seriously, what could be better than a mouth-watering burger, an ice-cold beer or extra balls when you’ve just hit your last into the water?  An on-demand ordering App, Fetched on the Fairway delivers all of this to you via your GPS location in minutes, ensuring your game is the best it can be (even if your actual playing isn’t).

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Available on: iOS, Android
Cost: Free


Hot tip: Apps are a great addition to golf, but be kind and switch your phone to silent.